Tensei Kendo no Harem Colosseum 4

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Sadistic Princess Lunahasol, primary patron of the arena, provider of her people’s enjoyment, lover of bloodshed and slaughter above all else. As her caretakers and friends wonder if anything can be done to change her personality, Princess Lunahasol’s elder sister, The Empire’s Crimson Sabre, Princess Marshtaar appears. She does combat with Liguceun, Those who wish to influence Princess Lunahasol leak information to Liguceun, allowing him to triumph over Princess Marshtaar. In the aftermath of their duel, Liguceun ravishes Princess Marshtaar as Princess Lunahasol watches in delight as the sister she respects is humiliated, her personality becoming even more warped. And now Liguceun has Princess Lunahasol in the palm of his hand. Luna shoves her sister aside, draws near, and says, “Could it be? …I’m part of the imperial family… and you’re going to fuck me?” Liguceun, descendent of a barbarian tribe, muscles bulging, takes the inexperienced young princess in his arms and plunges his rock-hard and fully-erect cock inside her.