The Summer Vacation Treasure Hunt 1

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Another long day is over. “O-tsukare-sama!” from SANDWICHWORKS Introducing our debut 3DCG animation with a 2D aesthetic. Takarasagashi no Natsuyasumi (“The Summer Vacation Treasure Hunt”) takes you back to rural Japan in the 1940s, to a fictional idyllic summer. The innocence of youth… informed by a depraved modern world. Must-see tenderness, entwined tongues, a sweet young lady stroking her hand on an erect shaft, milking, paizuri, deep throat oral, bukkake, cum swallowing, gushing orgasms… 2D style hentai, lurid porn set in a bygone age of of simple beauty, in gorgeously rendered 3DCG. 48 minutes HD quality (1280×720) * STORY * “Childhood was a place the bus came once a day. I spent my summer days like always playing in my secret fort. One day the rain came, and in the downpour at the bus stop, we met.”