Soshite Watashi wa Sensei ni… 4
She is a quiet girl, living a secluded life… and that is all she ever needed. But thanks to HIM… all of that is about to end…
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Summer: Inaka no Seikatsu 2
“I’m going on a trip for the summer, could you come look after her while I’m gone?”
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Joshi Luck! 6
The four members of the lacrosse club who rushed to Mr. Kuroda’s house learned that not only themselves but all of them had their virginity stolen by Mr. Kuroda…
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Hajimete no Hitozuma 5
Satomi, who is likely to fail her test, invites Fujimaki to her house to help her study. I don’t think there will be much studying happening though if I’m gonna be honest…
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Kokuhaku...... 1
She thought she was safe with a teacher, but little did she know that he was the biggest threat!
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