Fukubiki! Triangle: Futaba wa Atafuta

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제비뽑기! 트라이앵글: 후타바는 허겁지겁 Lucky Draw Triangle ~ Futaba head over heels Fukubiki! Triangle: Futaba head over heels – Wall-pinned naughty little vixen`s song of lament Fukubiki! Triangle: Futaba wa Atafuta ふくびき! トライアングル~双葉はあたふた~♥~ Fukubiki! Triangle: Futaba wa





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Based on the erotic game Fukubiki! Triangle by Blue Gale. Sequel to Fukubiki! Triangle: Miharu After, Ushio’s love affair with Miharu’s sister Futaba isn’t as hot and active as Futaba would like. She takes matters into her own hands, attempting to seduce him, tying him up, drugging him… But in trying to make him more assertive, is Futaba going to get in over her head?