Genmukan: Aiyoku to Ryoujoku no Inzai 1

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Genmukan Genmukan Aiyoku to Ryoujoku no Intsumi Genmukan: Aiyoku to Ryoujoku no Inzai Genmukan: The Sin of Desire & Shame Le manoir des fantasmes The House of Phantasms The Sin of Desire and Shame 幻夢館~愛欲と凌辱の淫罪~ 환몽관 ~애욕과 능욕의 음죄~



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Episode 1: Kido Satoru is your below-average detective. One day, he recieves a letter with a ticket. The job is a simple lost item case involving a ruby ring. He accepts the case and sets off for the mansion where a young mistress, an old butler, a beautiful teacher, a lovely maid, and an ugly manservant all await his arrival. He then sets out to search for the missing ruby ring, but a bizarre spectacle of desire and shame awaits him.