Katainaka ni Totsui de Kita Russia Musume 4

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These days, Alisa only thinks about Kenta. Even Kenta’s smelly shoes are enough to send her into throes of pleasure. One day Alisa is masturbating in the home’s entranceway. When an unexpected visitor rings the doorbell, her excitement only heightens. She gazes into the mirror and contemplates her reflection, a woman who has so completely lost the purity she once had. “Oh, I’ve become such a pervert! (said in a lewd voice)” Alisa climaxes and squirts. She can’t wait for what Kenta has in store for her next. One day, Alisa drops a pot in the kitchen. When Kenta comes in, Alisa asks him to punish her. Alisa changes into a maid uniform, and Kenta asks her to service him. Then he gets an idea! He can do whatever he wants with Alisa! As the saying goes, shameful is he who spurns a woman’s invitation! And so it begins… it’s Kenta’s lewd Japanese culture corner. Trim and tidy in an authentic maid uniform! There’s romance under her skirt! Cat-eared maid’s cute service! Momma cat’s milk goes everywhere, and Kenta’s cock goes full speed ahead! is this even about Japanese culture anymore? Who cares! It’s sex!