Princess Road: Bara to Dokuro no Monshou 1

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프린세스 로드 ~장미와 해골의 문장~ Best of Kitty #4 (2) Erotic Torture Chamber Princess Road: Bara to Dokuro no Monshou プリンセス・ロード 薔薇と髑髏の紋章



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On the mysterious continent of Laan, where dragons are as common as pleasure slaves, the evil and sadistic King Maryu plans his invasion and conquest of the Asronia Kingdom. At the center of his demented plan, to kidnap the young and beautiful Princess Yurie of Asronia, and break her spirit whle he turns her into his personal sex toy. With his very special training assistant, he intends to make Yurie his number one pleasure slave who will obey his every command. Watch as Yurie endures the most humiliating training, the most degenerate sexual rituals, and the most erotic forms of torture!