Tsumamigui 3 Ep 2

Alternate Titles:

Tsumamigui 3 The Animation 妻みぐい3 THE ANIMATION 츠마미구이 3



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Do you harbor feelings for your sister-in-law or for the widow? Or perhaps… both of them? The next chapter in the long-awaited OVA of AliceSoft’s hit game Tsumamigui 3. Shinto priest Jinno Sumire and her daugter, Jinno Ai, a high-school girl, also appear. Finally, we get to see all the characters! Keeping with the plot of the original work, the scene is set in midsummer, in a rural town. An unforgettable summer with an “excellently-proportioned” sister-in-law and with an extremely seductive widow starts today… Characters are voiced by the original cast!